Iven Chung, M.Div.

Specialization: Therapist
Mail: ivenc@delrosariopsych.com
Phone: +1-519-498-9962


Iven Chung is a therapist trained in clinical counselling currently in the registration process with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). He completed his Master’s degree at Tyndale University and Seminary’s Clinical Counselling program in Toronto, Ontario, with a dual focus on the theological and psychological understanding of human personhood and the therapeutic healing process. Iven’s wide-ranging counselling experiences include addressing anxiety, depression, addiction, family conflict, marriage preparation, couple’s dynamics, and stress from life transitions, as well as cultural and sexual identity development. Furthermore, Iven completed his bachelor’s degree at Ryerson University in Toronto, studying Child and Youth Care practices, which equipped him with an excellent foundation for his counselling work with young people.

Iven provides therapy that is sensitive to and considerate of the goals and desired outcomes of each client, based on exploring both immediate and long-term needs. He values creating a safe and hopeful environment with every client, to facilitate opportunities for the creation of solutions that are appropriate for each particular concern. Iven collaborates with his clients in their development of self-realizations and acknowledgement of possibilities for real and enduring change.

Iven primarily practices Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Focussing-oriented therapy that helps with symptom-reduction and also enables the aforementioned self-realization process. He also incorporates principles from family-of-origin theory, narrative therapy, and solution-focussed therapy into his facilitation of the client’s therapeutic healing experience. If a client so desires and when appropriate, Iven is also skilled in integrating the client’s values, practices, and faith/spirituality into the counselling process.

Overall, Iven aims to relate a sense of non-judgmental compassion to his clients, understanding that sufferings and struggles are very real. Thus, when working with Iven, finding hope and meaning in the midst of these challenges is a part of the healing journey.